About Us

With predecessor organizations dating back to the late 70’s, Wesco Machine & Tool was established and turned its first part in 1996. Since then, Wesco has continued to grow and to expand its capabilities while maintaining relationships established decades ago.

Chicago’s Go-To Machine & Tool Shop

Our team of experienced machinists can mill, drill, or turn any type of metal or plastic in our manual or CNC equipment to meet maintenance or production-oriented requirements presented by existing and potential customers.

Wesco is a team with decades of experience that prides itself on delivering a high-quality product on time. We view ourselves as an operational partner or extension of your existing maintenance operations, not just a machine shop.

Decades of Experience

The myriad projects on which we have worked, spanning a wide variety of industries and applications, allows us to provide additional perspectives on repairs or project designs. We stand by our quotes 100% of the time and do not promise one thing and deliver another.

Our shop is located in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. This allows us to provide numerous services to our customers, including 24-hour availability with pick-up and delivery, to keep operations running as effectively as possible.

We understand the critical nature of others’ operations and want to be the trusted party called when an emergency repair or small production run is needed.

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